Performance, Quality and Improvement

Every day, Knowles Centre strives to carry out its mission and vision. When we are successful in achieving this goal, we make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families.

To ensure that Knowles Centre remains effective and efficient as a social service agency, we must be committed to continuous quality improvement.

Knowles Centre has developed a Performance and Quality Improvement plan that guides us in our efforts to continually improve the way we work and to create an environment that fosters success in all we do.

What is PQI?

Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) is a self-administered program within Knowles Centre. It monitors key aspects of all our core services and administrative processes. This information is used to highlight where Knowles Centre is performing well, and where performance needs to improve. As a result, we can "close the gap" between current and expected levels of quality.

Who is involved in PQI?

PQI at Knowles Centre involves all our stakeholders: clients, foster parents, clients' social workers, funders, staff and managers, and board members.

Knowles Centre surveys the above stakeholders as part of our PQI process. Furthermore, Knowles Centre shares the results of our PQI analysis with these stakeholders.

The annual PQI report is reviewed by the PQI Steering Committee, which represents a cross-section of Knowles Centre (from board member to frontline staff), as well as an external representative. The committee members provide their feedback on the report from different perspectives.

What is being measured?

PQI uses a set of "tools" specific to Knowles Centre to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs and services:

Case Record Review

The quality of clients' files is reviewed quarterly. The case review ensures documents are present, treatment is effective, continuation of treatment is warranted, and resources are managed efficiently.

Risk Management Review

A monthly analysis of the reported incidents, accidents, and grievances generated by clients is reviewed. The purpose is to discern any trends with incident reports in order to reduce risk.

Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey

Stakeholders, including clients, are surveyed annually on their opinions about different aspects of the services provided by Knowles Centre. The purpose is to identify how Knowles Centre's services could be improved, according to our stakeholders.

Client Outcomes

The specific outcomes for clients in each program are reviewed semi-annually (e.g., behavioral, emotional, developmental, and school functioning). The purpose is to assess how effective treatment is in helping clients improve their functioning and achieve their treatment goals.

Staff Retention Data

Knowles Centre's staff retention rate is compared annually to other relevant local treatment centres.

Financial Report

The Director of Finance and Administration analyzes monthly various relevant financial documents. The purpose is to assess Knowles Centre's financial performance.

The above information is collected and analyzed by Knowles Centre's management team and presented to our stakeholders in an annual PQI report, as well as summary inside our annual report.

Other information

John G. Stewart School produces an annual report, which is part of the annual PQI report. The school collects student data on attendance, class completion rate, and changes in achievement scores during the school year (reading, spelling, arithmetic). This data is analyzed annually and the report is completed by the school principal.

PQI Result

2018-2019 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2016 - 2017 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2015 - 2016 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2013 - 2014 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2012 - 2013 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2011 - 2012 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

2010 - 2011 Performance and Quality Improvement Report

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