Respite Application & FAQs

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Respite Provider with Knowles Centre's Treatment Foster Care Program. TFC Respite Providers are part of the professional team dedicated to helping a child overcome difficulties in their life and to establish positive relationships outside of the foster home.

The process of becoming a Respite Provider begins with completing a written application and passing all clearance and reference checks. Successful applicants will also be required to take respite training delivered by Knowles Centre.

To continue this process, please complete the Respite Inquiry Form (click link).

Or, for more information, contact:

Treatment Foster Care Program
Knowles Centre Inc.
2065 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB R2G 1P7

Phone: 204-339-4692
Fax: 204-338-9082

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need First Aid/CPR training?

Yes! In order to be a Respite Provider, you will need to maintain valid First Aid/CPR certification.

Can I provide respite in my own home, including overnights?

Yes, you can! In order to clear your home, the TFC Program Assistant must first complete a walk-through of your home and approve the Physical Requirements Checklist. This includes confirming that your home meets the respite requirements, including having a dedicated spare bedroom for the foster child.

Do I need a driver's license?

No. A driver's license is not a requirement to be a Respite Provider; however, a lack of a driver's license may limit what you're able to do with the child/youth. You may need to be creative in finding activities within walking distance, or discussing with the foster parent if the child/youth is comfortable taking the bus.

Do all members of my household require background checks?

Yes! If you will be providing respite care in your home ANY adult (18+) residing in that home or frequenting the home when child/youth is present MUST pass the required background checks.

Who pays for activities?

It depends. If the foster parent requests you take the child/youth to a specific event/activity that costs money (for example, the Zoo), the foster parent should cover that cost. If, however, you decide during your respite time, that you would like to go to the movies, etc. with the child/youth, this cost would be at your own expense.

How do I connect with a Foster Family to provide respite?

TFC can do the matching! If you're not already connected with a foster family, our team can work with you and our current families who may be in need of respite support to find an appropriate "match." Factors such as skill level, and preference for age and gender may be factors. We know that respite matching does not always work out. We never want to force a relationship with a respite provider and foster child if everyone isn't comfortable. Plus, respite is not for everyone. It's okay if you discover it's not for you.

What kind of work and hours can I expect as a Respite Provider?

Hours and service can vary depending on the needs of the child/youth and/or the foster family.

  • Respite happens when the foster parent IS NOT PRESENT. You may care for the child/youth in the community, at your own home, or at the foster parent's home when they are away
  • Foster families may also need support. This means you help to care for the child/youth when the foster parent IS PRESENT, including in the foster parent's home or in the community

Your time may be needed from just a few hours to overnight, depending on your availability and the needs of the foster parent. As well, your responsibilities may vary; you may be asked to help transport a child/youth to an appointment, support a visit with the birth family, help with school work, or take part in an outing or event.

Will I get reimbursed for mileage?

It depends on the situation. This will be discussed prior to you providing respite. Mileage is reimbursed at a set rate which is non-negotiable.

How do I get paid for my hours?

Respite Providers are required to complete a Respite Report and submit it to the foster parent, who will submit the claim to Knowles Centre. Payment is made directly to the foster parent who is responsible for paying the Respite Provider. Knowles Centre processes respite payments twice a month, and maintains a rapid turnaround time for payments.

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