Knowles Centre is a community-based, non-profit social service agency for children, adolescents and young adults facing difficult times in their lives. It began as a home for boys in 1907 and today provides a range of therapeutic and skills-based programs to young people from Manitoba and other communities throughout Canada.

Our mission is to help young people and their families address past struggles, develop healthier relationships and ways of life, and reach their full potential in the future. Depending on individual needs, clients are referred to one of six Knowles Centre's programs, which include:

In addition, we offer or arrange support services that complement our core programs, including:

  • Biimautaziiwin Aboriginal Cultural Program
  • Recreation Program
  • John G. Stewart Camp & Outdoor Education Program
  • John G. Stewart School (River East Transcona School Division)
  • Access to psychiatric consultation

Knowles Centre is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization governed by an elected Board of Directors.

Read a copy of our agency brochure.

We are proud to be the only child and youth residential treatment centre in Manitoba accredited by the Council on Accreditation. This accreditation affirms that Knowles Centre has met a set of internationally established requirements that help ensure quality service, best-practice standards and measurable results. Accreditation also assures that Knowles Centre performs services the community needs, conducts its operations effectively, and manages its funds wisely.

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