Generation Bridge: Building Bonds, Balancing Tech and Boosting Resilience in Teens

This parenting teens trilogy is designed for foster parents, adoptive parents, kinship carers, and other adults caring for youth aged 11 to 16. Join us in these three frank, practical and supportive mini-courses.

Participants can be take all three course together or individually, but we strongly encourage taking "Building Bonds" (Course 1) before taking Course 2 or 3. Click below for more info!

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Course 1 - Generation Bridge: Building Bonds

Course 2 - Generation Bridge: Balancing Tech

Course 3 - Generation Bridge: Boosting Resilience in Teens

Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth
(2-day training)

Are you ready to assist a young person facing a mental health crisis?

Learn vital skills to recognize and support young minds in distress. Empower yourself to be a compassionate listener and offer essential help to adolescents facing mental health challenges. Together, we create a safer, more understanding environment for our youth. You can make a difference!

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Knowles Centre offers a variety of training sessions for professionals and caregivers in the community

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