Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from young people and their families about the Day Treament Program at Knowles Centre and John G. Stewart School

What is the Day Treatment Program?

Day Treatment is a program provided by Knowles Centre and the River East Transcona School Division. Students attend classes at John G. Stewart School from Monday to Friday and meet with a professional therapist from Knowles Centre about once a week.

Students in the Day Treatment Program only attend school during the day; they do not live at the school or at Knowles Centre.

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John G. Stewart School at Knowles Centre

Why do I have to go to this school?

Like other students at John G. Stewart School, you have had problems at school with attendance, behavior, peer relations, and/or school work. As well, you may also be having problems at home, with your family, or in the community.

Teachers at the school and staff at Knowles Centre know that this can make it hard for you to learn. They want to help you with your school work plus help you deal with the other problems in your life.

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How is this school different from my regular school?

A classroom at John G. Stewart School

The classes at John G. Stewart School have fewer students than most other schools. That means the teachers can give you the extra help you might need. There also are other adults in the classroom to help you.

Students work at their own pace. That means you have more time for lessons that seem harder to learn. At times you may be doing different work than others in the same classroom.

Knowles Centre's Day Treatment Support Worker is available to assist students in the school who are facing academic and/or behavioural challenges.

As well, you will meet with a therapist from Knowles Centre about once a week. Your therapist and your teachers work together to help you do well.

Otherwise, the school is the same as others in the area. Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the regular school year; there are no classes in July and August. The school has a library, music program, computer lab, gym, and creative arts room as well.

You will have lunch at Knowles Centre, only a few steps away.

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The library at John G. Stewart School

Do I have to go to go to this school because I'm not smart?

No. Students at John G. Stewart School can learn as well as students at other schools. We want you to do the best you can. But we know that you may have not done well in school in the past because you were facing other problems.

At John G. Stewart School, you will have a chance to catch up on what you might have missed so that you can return to a school in your community or an alternative learning program.

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Will I earn high school credits at John G. Stewart School?

Yes. John G. Stewart School offers a full complement of Grade 9 and 10 courses and several Grade 11 and 12 courses as well. Most academic courses can be completed within the 13-week term; Physical Education and Woodworking are offered as full-year courses.

Students in earlier grades will take part in the curriculum regularly offered.

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Why do I need therapy?

We all face challenges in life that make it hard to live at home or go to school from time to time. These challenges can often be overcome with help from friends, family or caring adults. But sometimes we need extra support in our lives.

Together with a therapist from Knowles Centre you will identify the challenges you are facing and work out a plan to deal with them. This may include understanding the way you are feeling and why you do certain things. You will meet with your therapist weekly as you work towards a better way of life.

Your family, teachers, the day treatment support worker and other important people in your life will also be involved in your treatment from time to time.

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How do I get to school?

Students (and their families) arrange their own transportation. Some students are dropped off and picked up by family members, others take a city bus. John G. Stewart School can provide bus tickets at no cost to you, if needed.

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When will I return to my regular school?

The length of time you attend John G. Stewart School depends on how you are progressing. Most students attend John G. Stewart School for a year or two.

Meetings will be held with you, your therapist, teachers and principal, day treatment support worker and parents (or guardians) when it is time for you to attend another school. Some students return to their local school; other students move on to another public school or alternative learning program, such as vocational (job) training.

A switch in schools usually happens at the start of the school year in September or at the start of the second term in February.

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Will I make friends at John G. Stewart School?

Yes, most students make good friends at school. You may find you share many of the same interests with your classmates and share similar past experiences.

The staff at John G. Stewart School and Knowles Centre work to make the school a place where you can feel safe and supported.

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Will I be safe at John G. Stewart School?

There are many teachers and other adults at John G. Stewart School to supervise students in the classrooms, hallways, and between classes. The washrooms are also monitored and used by only one student at a time. After school, staff monitors students at the bus stop each day.

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Where will I eat my lunch?

Students in the Knowles Centre Day Program eat in the supervised lunchroom at Knowles Centre located next door. Lunch is provided and may include food such as soup and sandwiches, tacos, hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, perogies, pasta, pizza, juice, milk, and more. There is no cost for the lunch program. A variety of supervised activities are available in the school following lunch.

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Woodworking room at John G. Stewart School

What else can I do at this school?

There are many things to do outside of the classroom, including:

  • the culinary arts program

  • gym class and sports activities

  • free computer time and library

  • creative arts and wood working

  • music program

  • Spirit Week activities

  • field day activities such as downhill ski trips, wall climbing, and indoor soccer

Students in the Day Program can take part in activities planned by Knowles Centre, too.

Enjoy swimming in the lake at camp

Each year, you can attend Knowles Centre Camp in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. You will sleep in a modern cabin and eat in the dining hall. Best of all, you will have lots of fun, swim in the lake, paddle a canoe, cast for fish, sit around a campfire, and learn more about nature and the beautiful world around you.

Drumming Circle at Knowles Centre

You may also take part in the Biimautaziiwin Aboriginal Cultural Program. You can take part in healing circles, sweat lodge ceremonies, drumming group, traditional crafts and storytelling. The program is led by the Knowles Centre's Aboriginal Cultural Coordinator with help from elders, traditional healers, and First Nations community members. From time to time, you might also go on journeys to learn more about Aboriginal culture.

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