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The social service sector seems to be in constant focus, especially when young people are involved. The needs facing children and youth and their families are ever-evolving, as are the philosophies, research, and methods of approach. We are fortunate, in Manitoba, that there is a united desire to see youth reach their potential. This includes government, social service authorities, communities, schools, families, and caring agencies, like Knowles Centre.

As a partner is this greater vision, we value the knowledge, input, and services of others working toward the same goals. To this end, we are pleased to compile and make available some recent publications and services that may be of interest to our own staff as well as those seeking information.

By listing the following sites, we are not necessarily endorsing the content, only making these resources available.

Michael Burdz, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Chief Executive Officer
Knowles Centre

Department of Families

Child & Family Services Website

Department of Families Annual Reports

The Child and Family Services Act (C.C.S.M. c. C80)

Province of Manitoba news releases

Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth

The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY)

A Place Where it Feels Like Home: The Story of Tina Fontaine, Special Report of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, March 2019

Learning from Nelson Mandela: A Report on the Use of Solitary Confinement and Pepper Spray in Manitoba Youth Custody Facilities, Special Report of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, February 2019

In Need of Protection: Angel's Story, Special Report of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, December 2018

Documenting the Decline: The Dangerous Space Between Good Intentions and Meaningful Interventions, Special Report of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, October 2018

Special Reports and Issue-Focused Websites

Winnipeg and the Winnipeg and the SDGs: A Voluntary Local Review of Progress 2021, February 2022

Report to the Legislative Assembly: Management of Foster Homes, Auditor General of Manitoba, November 2019

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, June 2019

Truth a Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Investigation Report on Use of Pepper Spray and Segregation in Manitoba's Youth Correctional Facilities, Manitoba Ombudsman, February 2019

Collaboration and Best Practices to End Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking In Manitoba, Tracia's Trust, January 2019

Transforming Child Welfare Legislation in Manitoba - Opportunities to Improve Outcomes for Children and Youth, Report of the Legislative Review Committee, September 2018

Improving Access and Coordination of Mental Health and Addiction Services: A Provincial Strategy for all Manitobans, by Virgo Planning & Evaluation Consultants Inc., as commissioned by the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, March 2018

COVID-19 Rapid Response Knowledge Synthesis Report - Translating Knowledge for Child Welfare Organizations Across the Prairies: Managing the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Children, Families, and Workers (v1) by 2020 Canadian Institute for Health Research.

Information for Children, Youth and Families

Family Navigator Program
MYS Family Navigators guide youth 13 - 24 & their families through a network of mental health & addiction supports & services in Manitoba.

An MYS Family Navigator will:

  • Help families identify & connect with the right help for your needs & situation
  • Follow-up with families within one week of your first contact with supports & services
  • Continue to support families throughout their journey (including a three-month follow-up to reassess goals & progress)

Parenting Centre

The Parenting Centre is a program of New Directions for Children, Youth, Adults and Families where families with young children can consult about issues, access information and resources about a diversity of needs and challenges around parenting and family life.

The Parenting Centre is also a practicum site for advanced studies in Family Related disciplines. With the belief that strong communities build strong families, the Parenting Centre networks with other service providers and community resources to enhance the quality of family life.

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (MATC)
MATC provides a range of mental health services to children and adolescents who experience psychiatric and/or emotional disorders.

Youth Crisis Services
Find information on 24-hour Crisis Line/Mobile Crisis Teams and Emergency Shelter/Youth Resource Centre.

211 Manitoba
211 Manitoba is a searchable online database of government, health, and social services that are available across the province. The service helps Manitobans who are looking to find the right community or social resource but don't know where to start. 211 Manitoba also makes it easy for service providers and first responders to direct others to the right resource.

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