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    Generation Bridge: Building Bonds (Part 1 of the parenting teens trilogy)

    Fri. September 22 2023 to Fri. October 06 2023

    Challenged by caring for a teen? Discover the important values that underpin your concerns as well as parent/teen conflicts. Practice skills for reaching out, talking and listening, and begin to enjoy your relationship again.

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  • Oct

    Generation Bridge: Balancing Tech (Part 2 of the parenting teens trilogy)

    Fri. October 27 2023 to Mon. November 20 2023

    Are you so far behind with new technology that you've given up? Learn how young people use tech, how to help them develop the skills to get the good stuff while staying safe, and practice setting boundaries around tech use at all ages.

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  • Nov

    Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth Training (2-day training event)

    Wed. November 29 2023 to Fri. December 01 2023

    Are you ready to assist a young person facing a mental health crisis?

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  • Feb

    Generation Bridge: Building Resilience (Part 3 of the parenting teens trilogy)

    Fri. February 02 2024 to Fri. February 16 2024

    Are you concerned with your teen's mental health? Learn why the teenage brain is vulnerable to anxiety, and understand how their situation adds another layer of complexity when they are already grappling with history of relational and developmental trauma

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